August 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs, The Daybook, I'm going to do her Awkward and Awesome Thursdays from now on. Whoop.

Me dancing to the beat of how awesome/awkward my life is. 

-Seriously debating between 31 and 32 seconds for how long I should put the butter in the microwave for. Uh.. it's one second.
-My England adventure friends debating why we had to bring "water shoes", determined that we would be walking across the English channel, then someone explaining to them it was much, much too deep for that.
-Discovering one of my field trips involves surfing. Me? Balance? Water? Oh my.
-The reaction I got when my dad learned one of my roommates is a boy. (We have our own rooms, don't worry.)

-My trip is almost 20 days away. 20. Days. People. Then I'll be blogging the good stuff! Sorry, but this blog might turn into a travel blog for a bit..Sowwy.
-My travel backpack. My pounds and euros. Basically anything related to my adventure in less than a month.
-That I won't have to deal with another Duluth winter. Love you Duluth, but man. You're cold to me.

Have any awkward or awesome stories to share?


alyson said...

lol, laughing because we do the same with my daughter's chicken nuggets. my husband is all about the 42 SECONDS. Not 41, not 43. As if they're going to combust.

Mia is... said...

Thanks for the comment, Alyson! Hahaha, it's kind of a problem! I always debate how long I put it in for, knowing that 10 seconds off won't kill it. Hahah.